Relationship Denial – I Still Love Him. Lord Where Are You?

We decided to get married, starry-eyed and innocent, Not knowing about the future and all that was in it.

I had God in my life, our marriage will work easy, God will help any problem, we just had to please Him.

I thought things were good and then came the drama, A couple of months after the marriage, he broke the promise.

I still love him.   Lord, where are you?


Why do I care for this man?  He don’t care nothin’  ’bout me; yet alone hold my hand.

Or walk close to me while walking down the street, And introduce me to his diva friends he will meet.

I’m standing on his side, holding his arm to embrace, while he flirts with the divas right in my face.

I still love him.   Lord, where are you?


He showers, dresses up, and cologne he puts on, does all the grooming a man does and then he’s gone.

Angry, confused, upset and crying.  Again and again I’m hurt by this man with his lying.

Manipulative; a charmer; walks over me like trash.  But I’m the wife left alone; will this hurt ever pass?

I still love him. Lord, where are you?


Messed up internally, hair falling out, stressed.  Humiliated. Lord what did I do to deserve this mess…

Of a relationship that I thought would last forever.  I thought God would help me, He promised if ever…

I need Him, he would deliver me from all kinds of bad things.  I’m a worshiper.  I love God; I’m a child of the King.

I still love him.   Lord, where are you?


I did not say “I do” to an “open” marriage where he is free,  to do as he please and sin against the marriage deliberately.

I did not say “I do” to devious ways and a secret social life; And I did not say “I do” to all this conflict and strife

In my life right now. Feeling some kind of way about God…….I’m not myself; going to church, mingle in the crowd with a facade.

I still love him.   Lord, where are you?


Felt so betrayed, emotionally abused and hurting!  My emotions are raging right now and its turning

Into bitterness, rejection, anger, sadness. God make it go away! Chronic flirtations, habitual lying and infidelity, can no longer play

In this relationship! Abandoned, alone, and divorced. He didn’t love me.  He lacked the discipline and maturity of a married man; you see?

I still love him.   Lord, where are you?


God reminded me in the book of Jeremiah of the plans He had for me; Plans to prosper, give me hope and a future; something I was ready to see;

He reminded me of His promise that He will never forsake me or leave. Standing on those promises, I began to trust and believe

That God was with me all the time, waiting patiently for me. This was part of my journey….to reach my destiny!


No longer a prisoner of emotional abuse, denial and fear!  God brought healing and restoration here

To my mind, body, heart and soul.  Much prayer from godly friends; they saw my life unfold

To a place where God needed for my life to be….a witness and to share my testimony


A desire for a God-fearing man was my ultimate prayer.  A man who was concerned about our happiness and welfare

Committed to God first! Maintaining love and trust; Attitudes of hope and optimism for the marriage was a must!

Looking for important values like kindness and success; Attractive, affectionate, love, peace and happiness.

Characteristics I desired in a man was written  in a prayer journal; God answered the desires of my heart, His promises are eternal

So if you’re dealing with impossible relationships, issues and fray; Trust God in the process, He won’t lead you astray.


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